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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  September 13, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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doing poor, they just don't come out. >> i think we're a better team this year than last year. i'm very hopeful we'll play like we are a better team. >> reporter: in crystal city, tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> we still have plenty coming up. your weather, traffic and all of your top stories. fox 5 morning news continues right now. good morning on this monday, september 13th. it is now 5:00 here in washington, d.c. as we take a live look over the city this morning. beautiful temperatures as you wake up today. going to be warming up, of course, but nothing too terribly bad. good morning. i'm sarah simmons in for gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. we say good morning to tucker barnes once again and you know what? it is a little cool out there this weekend. >> it sure did. you can feel fall in the air now, can't you? kind of rebound to summertime temperatures today. we'll be back in the 80s after a cool one yesterday with highs
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generally in the 60s and low 70s. nice start to the day. we've got a little fog out there. let's get to it. we'll talk about temperatures. it is now in the middle 60s in town and there are 50s off to the north and west. maybe a light jacket as you head out the door. 65degrees at reagan national. humidity up, the overnight being during the day with the rainfall contributing to a little fog across the region. here is your pressure. it is rising. that tells us the conditions will gradually improve here. we'll get a look at satellite- radar. you have to look real carefully, you can kind of see the gray. that is the low clouds and fog hanging tough here. that will burn off as high pressure builds in. the trend will be to dry things out, dry out the atmosphere and increase the sunshine later this afternoon and we'll be talking about highs back just a few degrees above average. back into the low to mid-80s. about 83 here in town and a little breezy at times with winds out of the west at 10 to
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15 miles per hour this afternoon. but generally a good-looking forecast for the start of the workweek. >> for the most part, will the fog burn off before people rush hour? >> no, several hours, eight or nine this morning. >> thank you. let's check on that rush hour as we get things started. >> not looking so bad right no if you are traveling the beltway whether you are down south of the wilson bridge or north of town between college park and bethesda. we are receiving word that authorities are checking for a crash on one of the ram. route 100 to head southbound on 95. they are enroute so we'll give you more details when we get here. be careful right now off of route 100 to go south on 95. north on 95, crash vompling a jon kelley knifed tractor- trailer has the interstate blocked. we are told there is a fuel leak involved in this. -- a crash involving a
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jackknifed tractor-trailer has the interstate blocked. traveling in virginia, hears a change in your traffic pattern coming across the 14th street bridge as ongoing construction continues there. you will find the lanes no longer break apart. they no longer divide coming across the potomac. instead, everybody shifted over to the right as you work your way to the southeast-southwest freeway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our top story, the mike shanahan era officially off to a winning start for the washington redskins, thanks in part to this play. the burgundy and gold beat the cowboys in the soap opener. that was deangelo hall taking a touchdown. don haven't mcnabb had an okay game. dallas with that chance to win at the end but wipeed away on a
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penalty on the final play. >> that was a nice team win. as i told our players, i said sometime the offense is going to play good. other times the defense and special teams. at the end of the day, you got to find a way to win. >> i've had some big plays in my career but i don't think i ever had that big play in the redskins uniform so it felt good. >> up next for the redskins, the houston texans on sunday also at fedex field. they just beat the colts yesterday. coming up in our next hour, dave ross joins to us break down the win in our monday morning quarterback. just one full day of campaigning left in the race to d.c. mayor but this morning, there are new claims about a controversial effort to push early voting. the "washington post" reports cora masters barry, the estranged wife of councilman marion barry is claiming responsibility for rewarding voters with gift cards. over the weekend, video surfaced seeming to show a group of people working out of a van giving the cards way in
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he can change for taking people to the polls. on the video, which fox 5 was first made aware of by a top supporter of adrian fenty, there is never a mention of an urging to vote for a specific candidate. masters barry claims it was a gas roots voter participation effort an was not meant to benefit either campaign. but both leading democratic candidates talked about the tape on the campaign trail sunday. >> who knows? we can't affix any responsibility. we can certainly identify no one in our campaign who has anything to do with any gift cards and the person would was involved i think on the video said something about nonpartisan, right? >> it is my understanding that the people who were in the giant parking lot handing out the gift certificates are affiliated with the gray campaign, whether they are paid staff, campaign volunteers, i don't know enough about it. but that is what i have been told as of this morning. >> and in other primary news, outgoing prince george's county executive jack johnson has made
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a public endorsement ever sheriff michael jackson to replace him. johnson's endorsement of jackson came on the same day that the "washington post" endorsed jackson's opponent. police in fairfax county are investigating an overnight shooting. they got a call of a home invasion in the 6800 block of field master drive in springfield just after 10:00 last night. the attacker did break into the home but detective says there was no robbery. investigators are treating the shooting as a him side and they do not think the attack was random. maryland police found a man and woman dead of gunshot ones at an ellicott city home over the weekend. three children were playing outside at the time. howard county police say 35- year-old clair stout and 49- year-old reg natural van graves were not married but lived together with the kids, aged seven, five and two. the detectives think the deaths were represented to a domestic assault. a scary scene at the annual adams morgan day feast value. two dogs got into a loud and violent fight and one wound up
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dead actually d.c. police officer shot and killed a pit bull who she say attacked a booedle. it happened on a very busy 18th street yesterday afternoon. witnesses told fox 5 what they saw. >> two dogs were passing by and suddenly they jump on each other. they were fighting. >> the pit bull started biting the owner of the dog and her bystander that was there with her started biting them. >> another bystander who tried to step in says he got bit by the poodle. mayor fenty happened to be in the area doing some campaigning and he says the k-9 officer is highly trained and was justified in shooting the dog. poln alert in calvert county, maryland where two officers' houses were hit with gunfire sometime between friday and saturday. the homes are in the chesapeake ranch he is states. detectives do have a suspect in custody and they say charges are pending. they think the shooting might be relatedded to recent arrests of gang members. new developments in the aftermath of the massive gas explosion in california. coming up, days off the deadly
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flames destroyed dozens of homes, people are returning to see what is left of their neighborhood. a fiery scene on the water. a fishing boat that was featured on a popular tv show went up in [ female announcer
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some california residents are getting an up-close look at damage to their homes after thursday's deadly gas explosion outside of san francisco. at least four people were hurt in the blast and some ritically injured. >> when we left, we locked the door but i never thought i would see my house again and we just moved in a week ago. we're very lucky that our house was spared and we feel so sad if our neighbors literally three houses down where their house is just destroyed. >> the explosion was caused by ate natural gas pipeline when led to a fire that spread across 15 acres. one part of the pipe was removed and is now being shipped to a lab here in d.c. for inspection to try to learn more about what sparked that blast. secretary of state hillary clinton leaves for peace talks
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in egypt this morning. she will meet with palestinian and israeli leaders for more talks tomorrow at an egyptian resort. clinton has her work cut out for her too. she was trying to get both sides to focus on how they can help the peace process succeed. on wednesday, the negotiations shift to jerusalem and president obama is likely to meet plan press mahmoud abbas and israeli prime minister benjamin net gentleman hue in new york on the sideline of the big world summit of the united nations. swiss diplomats are make rangements to pay a half million dollars bail for the release of a hiker. the woman is reportedly ill and has gotten no medical attention. she and two friends are accused of spying and having in jail for more than a year now. they maintain they accidentally cross into iran during a pike. espionage charges against the two men are moving forward.
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ate huge night at the mtv video music awards for lady gaga. let's just say she cleaned up. >> another taylor swift-kanye west moment, kind of, sort of. we'll have a full recap. we've got sunshine and warmer temperatures back in the forecast. i'll have all the details on that. and julie wright will be in with a look at your on-time traffic coming up right after the break.
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we take a look from our tower cam down over wisconsin avenue and upper northwest d.c. it is very comfortable out there this morning. 65 at reagan national right now. let's check this catch out. how that is for a nice crustacean for you. a fisherman in south florida reeled in this giant lobster. it weighed in at close to 10 pounds. max ramos turned a lobster
5:17 am
wrangler got a tip to try out a special lobster spot t took him about 45 minutes to reel in the giant lobster just off of miami beach. >> i grabbed his tail. it was like wrestling with more than a lobster. i got him in a bear hug and i just won't straight up to where the boat was and i just threw him on top of the boat. >> need some giant rubber bands for those claws. pulled that thing in. that looks president-elect have i -- >> i mean what are they usually like a pound or two. >> one to three would be a normal sized lobster. >> he could have a feast, have several friends over with that one. what do you think? making me hungry for lobster. >> why are they hugging them. don't they bring them up in lobster pots. >> he is a fisherman. not a normal lobster fisherman. >> they bring them up in pots. >> i don't think you do it with rod and reel. >> maybe they need to change
5:18 am
now if they're going to be reeling in 10-pounders. >> that is impressive stuff. if you are not going to miami and fishing for lobster today, around here, we'll be beautiful. lots of sunshine head out on the bay. we've got morning clouds out there. we have kids going back to school so look out because with the fog and kids out on the roadways, take it easy the next couple of hours. temperatures, not bad. many 50s off to the north and west. here in town, mid-60s for the bus stop forecast. partly cloudy and school. sunrise in morning, and once the one gets -- the sun gets up, it will take a couple of hours to burn off the fog. nothing mixing up the atmosphere now. that combination will keep the fog in place hear for several hours this morning. the fog will be kind of thick in some spots. be ready for that. other than that, the forecast will be a good one. baltimore, the wind currently about three miles per hour. patuxent naval air station, about nine. let's get to the temperatures.
5:19 am
this is why i mentioned jackets. wave got 50s off to the west. 55 to start your morning in martinsburg. annapolis is 36. leonardtown, 61 degrees. we're now 64 in washington. we have a cool start, before a cool one yesterday. we'll be warmer with a lot more sunshine. our satellite-radar this morning, can you see the low cloud cover and fog that is out there. that will burn off here. high pressure out to our west should build in today. the general trend in the atmosphere to dry things out and increase the sunshine. as we get into the nighttime hours, see the slight spotty activity up towards cleveland. that will get in here in the form of a few clouds here. the next couple of days featuring lots of sunshine. here is your forecast, early fog, mostly sunny by afternoon. 83degrees your afternoon high. warm he than yesterday. winds will be out of the west at about 10 miles per hour. and the five-day forecast, good looking workweek. look at that. sunshine most of the week. our next chance for any rain shower activity doesn't arrive
5:20 am
until friday, high temperatures all week long, just about where they should be, upper 70s and l.a. 80s. that is a look at the forecast. let's get to some on-time traffic and julie wright has the latest with that. >> a lot going on early this morning. authorities are checking for a crash. it was reported on one of the ramp 100 to go southbound other a. long i-95. we have agotten word that they have closed down 95 north of baltimore up near the chesapeake house. that is where we had the crash involving the jack five-day forecast tractor-trailer leaking fuel. -- the jackknifed tractor- trailer leaking fuel. pick up route 40, take that up to 272. that will be an easy workaround for you this morning. no problems reported on the beltway itself. it is quiet, leaving college park headed over to 270. southbound 29, traffic behaving nicely out of why is t -- out of white oak. traveling in virginia, a change in our traffic patterns coming
5:21 am
across the 14th street bridge. no longer is the road divided as you come across. you shift to the right. you guys coming in out of stafford, we have do have a report of a car fire before you reach the exit at the stafford airport. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. music, fashion and all of those icon as long with an on- camera truce. >> mary ann rafferty has a look at last night's video mtv awards. >> reporter: eminem and rihanna got the crowd going at the start of this year's vmas and the performances akemi takei on coming. usher, justin bieber. the teen heartthrob later won for best new artist. >> thank you so much, everybody. >> reporter: the show was hosted by a woman if the first
5:22 am
time in 16 years, comedian chelsea handler gentleman the charming, sophisticated cast of the jersey shore is here. no, no, no, no, no. don't applaud. they are at reason mtv doesn't play your videos. >> reporter: perhaps the real leading lady of the night taking home eight of the coveted awards including video of the year presented to her by cher. >> thank you so much. i was so nerve us for tonight that i would let my fans down. >> reporter: taylor swift might not have won but she did tell the world she for gives kanye west for that interruption of her acceptance speeclast year. >> reporter: kanye closed the show with an emotional response. ♪ i always find something wrong &&. there is your wrap-up.
5:23 am
coming up, you know husbands and wives often want their own space. what about their own separate bedrooms apart from one another? >> up next, the grow be new trend for some new homes, separate bedrooms for him nd her. we'll find more about it when fox 5 morning news returns. stay with us. n
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of every four american couples sleep apart and home builders are starting to listen, new eleanor holmes norton coming with two master bedrooms. >> i don't know about this. what is behind the new trend and is it the right thing to do? >> this master suite. >> in the custom home building business, the customer is king and sometimes the king and queen want to sleep apart. home builder john mccain frankel says that is the case now more than ever. >> probably four to five years, trend has become noticeable. people wanted a -- at least a second bedroom that is as nice or almost as nice as the master. >> reporter: he says multiple master bedrooms have become a standard tea sign fee if you -- feature in all of his custom homes. think this is the explosive demain of the high-end home? think again. the american home builders
5:27 am
association estimates by 015, 60% of all custom about the homed be built like this. >> reporter: now we are hearing about couples wanting separate bedrooms because of different work schedules and a big one, sleeping issues. snoring, twitching, kicking, sleep apnea, problems too big to fit in one bed or even one room. does sleep expert dr. todd swick like the idea of separate bedrooms? >> no. no. it is much easier, cheaper and better in the long run to treat the issues that necessitated the building of this exile room as i call it. >> reporter: but don't expect the exile room to go away any time soon. the customer is always king and queen. john donnelly, fox news. >> interesting. >> can't we all just get along. apparently not. it is kind of difficult at night with the snoring.
5:28 am
i can understand. >> coming up on fox 5 morning news, we still have one for you including what stacy is working on this morning. >> good morning. the race for mayor continues and controversy reigns right up until the last minute. i will have that story coming up on fox 5 morning news.
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dgo t
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big opening night for the redskins over their archrival dallas cowboys last night. there you see the big play with deangelo hall scooping opportunity and running it back. gout to wonder why dallas just didn't kneel on it. the last play of the half. it worked out well for the redskins, didn't it? >> didn't you feel a little bit cheated that you had to go to bed and you -- or did you see that part. >> i saw that half but missed the big play at the end of the game. >> that worked out well too. >> how about the uniforms? you like those. >> i didn't like the pants. i like the jerseys. the pants were a little too mustardy. >> i didn't know you two cares
5:32 am
that much about the uniforms. >> after a redskins victory, the weather is never bad. we do have some morning fog out there and we'll have warmer temperatures. 64 right now at reagan national. nice, cool start off to the west. winchester, 54. hagerstown, 57. in ocean city, good morning, 64 degrees for you. satellite-radar, a little bit of cloud cover and a little bit of fog. kind of pick it out there if you squinted very carefully. can you kind of see that gray on the satellite-radar. that is the fog and it is particularly out to the west. the visibility has been reduced to about a half mile in some spots. look out for the fog. once we get the fog out of here, mostly sunny by early afternoon. lots of sunshine, high temperatures in the low to mid- 80s so about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday with winds out of the west at 10 miles per hour. more details on the forecast. it is a good one generally for the week here coming up in a minute. >> let's get a check of our traffic with julie wright. >> a change in the traffic pattern coming across the 14th
5:33 am
street bridge. no longer do the lanes divide. everybody is shifted over it the right as you work your way across the potomac. southbound along 270, already a slow start headed out towards the truck scales. no problems to reported germantown headed into rockville. in virginia, 66 an easy ride for those continuing inbound from nutley street to the beltway. getting a little busier if you are traveling over near business 4. northbound i-95 now blocked off up near the outlets there, chesapeake house. that is because of an accident involving a jackknifed tractor- trailer leaking fuel. all traffic is being diverted onto route 40 near the outlets there off the exit from perryville. let's get back to the game last night. the hike shanahan era off to a winning start for the redskins. >> deangelo hall took the fumble back 3 # yards for the
5:34 am
touchdown. new skins quarterback donovan mcnabb had an okay game. -- deangelo hall took the fumble back 32 yards for the touchdown. >> that was a nice team win. sometimes the offense will play good and other times the defense and special teams but at the end of the day, you got to find a way to win. >> i've never had that big play in a redskin uniform so it felt good. >> dave ross will join to us break down the win in our monday morning quarterback. just one full day of campaigning left in the race for d.c. mayor but this morning, there are new claims about a controversial effort to push early voting. the "washington post" reports core amasters barry, the estranged wife of councilman marion barry is claiming
5:35 am
responsibility for rewarding voters with gift cards. stacy cohan has more on this one. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are in the final stretch of this race and it seems like it will be an ugly contest right to the very end. new latest controversy focuses on this issue. fenty campaign claiming that the gray campaign was distributing gift cards in favor -- or in return for vote. there is video posted on youtube and it was sent to us bay fenty supporter. this is undercover video that reports to be those gift cards being handed out. both campaigns say they have nothing to do with this latest controversy. >> this has been an unusual campaign to say the least. let me say again i certainly don't condone vote buying. you go out and you try to influence people in term of your agenda. >> campaigns have issues that come up like this.
5:36 am
i for one am glad that the board of elections and the united states attorneys are investigating it. i think that is the proper thing to dsm i will spend the last 48 hours of the campaign talking to voters about everything we've accomplished and how that make me the best candidate to do so again for four more years. >> reporter: in another twist, the "washington post" is reporting that cora ma.kers barry is claiming responsibility for these gift cards and the article, she says she was distributing these gift cards as part of a get out the vote effort and was not working in favor of either campaign. early voting continues today. it would really be the last day to vote early since the primary election day is tomorrow and all of this will be wrapped up as there is no republican candidate. whoever the democratic winner is is our mayor. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan. back to you. >> thank you. the tea party activists march ad cross the country and here in d.c. sunday.
5:37 am
they are hoping for sweeping change come the mid-term election. their focus is to reduce big government and they want i conservative approach to running the country. some scary moments at the annual ad maples morgan day festival that led to a gunshot -- adams morgan day festival that led to a gunshot. witnesses say a pit bull suddenly pounded on a poodle. bystanders tried to separate them but weren't able to. both dog reportedly bit at least one person. eventually, a police officer shot the pit bull. >> two dogs were passing by and suddenly he jump on each other. they were fighting. >> the officer in fact is a k-9 officer so that is probably the -- as good as can you get of someone knowing about dogs and that the dog was posing a significant threat. >> mayor fenty said when the dog was shot, it was not near any people. witnesses have conflicting reports on which officer actually pulled the trigger.
5:38 am
two police officers in calvert county had their homes shot at over the weekend. this morning, police have a suspect in custody. investigators have been trying to figure out who shot at the two homes in the chesapeake ranch estates area of lusby the first shooting was friday night. detectives found bull nets the home and some went into the child's bedroom where a child was sleeping some. officers have already moved their families out of their homes. the hunt continues if a murder suspect who escaped from police custody in maryland. officers believe paul brian palmer left bald heading toward d.c. or west virginia on friday. he may be traveling with a woman in a 2008 silver kia with the number uew about 10. the vehicle is using a spare tire in place of a missing tire. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, it was a fiery scene on the water as a fishing boat featured in a popular tv show goes up in flames.
5:39 am
we'll tell you what happened and where you may have seen this boat before. a misstep during a family note owe shoot. how did a little boy fall 15 feet down awe manhole? we are checking more headlines for you coming up.
5:40 am
nc ♪ceksgo t
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some say the it is a sign tensions are begunking to ease. south creigh's red cross and a buddhist group are sending
5:42 am
people to north korea. 5,000tons of rice, 10,000 tons of cement and first aid kits arrest plong the supplies being sent o ate a missouri boy lucky to an live after falling 15 feet down a manhole in kansas city. he was posing for pictures with his family near a warehouse which is a pay pairntly a stop lahr spot for photo shoots in the area. officials say the 5 one-year- old decided to take i look under a manhole cover and as his parents watched in horror, el fell in. firefighters were able to pull the judge tore out. they say it was a close ball behe will be just fine. a boat featured on a popular show catches on fire. the arctic dawn is a crabbing vessel featured in some of the earliest enodes of the series deadliest catch. no injuries were reported and fights froits were able to keep the flames from at least spreading for a nearby boat. -- and firefighters were able to keep the flames from at least spreading to a nearby boat. small cars are growing more
5:43 am
popular. >> we could be seeing even more of these smaller cars. we'll have a full report coming up next. s,rc ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ]
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welcome back. definitely starting to fail a little bit fall-hike in the weather at least in the
5:46 am
overnight hours. >> certainly during the day yesterday. kind of cool and overcast yesterday with high temperatures only in the low 70s. changes, we just have a dense fog advisory just issued by the national weather service not here in town but out to the west, visibility less than a quart are mile roughly stretching from hagerstown down into central northern sections of virginia. i'll show you that map in just a minute. dense fog advisory until 9:00 this morning. >> be careful driving out there. >> you, be very careful. rain yesterday. our first measurable rain of the month. there you go. reagan national, about 2/3 of an inch of needed rain. dulles about a 1/2 inch. bwi marshall, about 8/10 of an inch. our next hans to rain opportunity arrive until about friday. 64 in washington. we have agot 50s off to the west. our winds are near zero miles per hour out to the west. nothing to mix up the atmosphere here so i'm afraid the fog will be kind of tough
5:47 am
for the next couple of hours. fredericksburg, 61. 55 for new winchester. annapolis, 63. in leonardtown, 59 degrees. can't quite pick out the fog because it is so low to the ground. a little bit cloud cover as well. out to the west, clearing skies an generally an improvement in the forecast as we should have more sunshine during the course of the day today and university a couple of light sprinkles. that is a little reinforcing cold front that will get in here tonight and give us aa nice week. cool, dry air settle in for the mid-week period. should be a nice looking forecast once we get through the more than fog during the next couple of hours. off to the tropics, that is one major hurricane, hurricane igor tracking off to the east. this will go across the central atlantic. off to the east, before a new
5:48 am
tropical storm. that is julia. maximum winds about 45 miles per hour. we'll have to watch the track of julia over the next couple of days. we'll have the sunshine this afternoon, warm afternoon, 83 degrees. so about 10 degrees warmer than what we had around here yesterday. wind out of the west at about 10 miles per hour. overnight lows in the upper 50s an low 60s. daytime highs just about where they should be. upper 70s and low 80s. i mentioned our next chance for any rain shower activity doesn't arrive until friday so good-looking week. that is it for weather. gets a get to some on-time traffic and julie wright. i haven't said anything. i'm he resisting. lose he go. >> you said enough when you said you had bieber fiefer. >> that was hours ago. >> i think that trumps it all. we're in here licking wounds this morning. let's get out to the roads
5:49 am
right now. northbound i-95 out of woodbridge, con jested in main line. we mentioned there was a car fire but you should find that activity cleared to the right. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. you know we may not be a full scale invasion but as you drive around town, you see more and more of them. the smaller car trend is really gaining popularity and now chrysler is jumping into the game as well. fox's mike warren looks into the small car boom. >> reporter: they may be smaller in size but they do have a tendency to stick out. and that is just fine with the people who sell smaller cars. >> smaller vehicles and more affordable cars are moving off the lot faster. one factor obviously that we can't ignore is affordability. the other thing is fuel economy. >> the mini brand adds another factor, style an performance. >> we don't have this attitude. the certainly wearing off of bigger is better. you have a serious trend heading towards the smaller
5:50 am
vehicle and people that would typically go go look for a tahoe or suv or something larger have no problems walking in the door now and driving a smaller vehicle. >> reporter: the numbers at this mini dealership have been pretty impressive. they say they sold 100 cars in the first 37 days they were open. and business is also good on the more economical end of the small car spectrum, the smart car. >> year over year, we are seeing about a 0% increase in sales. the biggest problem with the smart car is not being able to get enough of them. they're beefing up production and we hope to have that fixed by next year. >> reporter: crisisser had is getting into the small car game as well with the new fiat 500. this is video of the car from the chrysler web site. the company says the car will sell late this year with dealerships in 41 states. so is there a certain segment of the population that is buying small are. >> we see people that have cars and they will come in and purchase a smart car thinking it will be a second form of transportation and it ends up
5:51 am
becoming their primary form of sprpg. >> it it is very clear where the future of vehicles are heading and where they're going to stay. that is why we made this significant investment for this dealership. >> mike warren, fox news. it was one for the ages last night. the redskins kick off their season in style with a big win over their archrival. >> dave ross is joining us live to break down that wild night the fedex field. you are watching fox 5 morning news. we'll be back in a few.
5:52 am
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we had been leading up to it for so long. kickoff to the nfl season here in the washington, d.c. area. last night, the big game, the redskins, the cowboys, our dave ross here to break it down through the morning as we play monday morning quarterback. >> it is one of the whilest games i think i've ever seen in the rivalry. i don't think i've ever seen a game end with the losing team celebrating on the field. that is exactly what we had. >> not for long though. >> i've never seen a game called wrtd team that they thought they won the game have an offensive penalty and by rule the game is over. i think the it is as good a win as the redskins could possibly have save for a 40-point blow jotted. they found out a lot about themselves in pulling out a game that a -- against a team
5:55 am
that a lot of people thought was better. if you lose that game, it would have been just the most gut- wrenching heart breaking fashion you could imagine. looking at the end of the game, tony rom. you you knew he was going to bring it back. you said here they go. that is bar on way choke hold on brian orakpo. donovan mcnab couldn't miss it. you have to call a penalty there because that would have been the play that would have decided the game. it's flat-out hold. there is no ifs, ands or buts. we talked about this on friday. the problem is their offensive line, brian orakpo exploit ploited that. i thought he would have other than a bigger game but the cowboy offensive line for the most part held up until they needed to hold up the most at the end and they couldn't do
5:56 am
it. >> dallas made a lot of mistakes. the redskin did not play a clean game. it doesn't matter because the win is the win. we will take the win. >> but this might be one of the dumbest play calls in the history of pro football. that little flip right there. what is he thinking? but deangelo hall ripped the ball out. they go in to end the half with that touch downto put the redskins up 10-0. it was absolutely pair -- paramount to victory in this game. you are at your own 6-yard line. i don't know what the world the cowboy coaching staff was think about. >> you think you don't want to be shut out at the half. >> the then you got to throw the hail mary. you don't throw a real flat pattern like that. that is why you don't throw those dangerous plays out there like the cowboys did.
5:57 am
the redskins were more than happy to take advantage of that. >> we have to talk about albert haynesworth. he did get in. he was in the first series but used sparingly? >> i actually thought he played okay. we'll hear from him coming up next hour. it was real incident refght. you saw some shots of him away from the defense. you saw the whole defensive team huddled and albert was standing by himself. he played excited frankly more than i thought he would play early in the game in the second half, he was in and out. they need him. they absolutely flat out have to have this guy on board if they're going to have a successful season. that is why he was in the game yesterday. i don't think any more can you go into this, well, we'll bench him because we don't like his attitude. if that is going to the case, you have to find a way to get him off the team. it was proven last night the redskins need him to be effective for them to win. >> we'll take the win at this point. we'll talk about don haven't mcnabb and his debut. numbers not so pretty but got the job done.
5:58 am
coming up next at #:00, all -- at 6:00, all of your top stories coming up as fox 5 morning news continues.
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